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I Love Libraries

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and there are many things I love.  First and foremost, my amazing husband and my darling children.  And then there are my parents, my extended family, and my friends – the family of choice.  I have explained, to the best of my ability, my love for books. Since I’m sure no one is interested in my flowery thoughts about my husband and my kids (although they are most deservedly my favorite three people in the world), I decided that today I will try my best to explain my love affair with public libraries.  I explained it as succinctly as I could when I started this blog.  I thought about it for a long time, and then I decided that it’s too hard to do.  It would take me pages and pages to list all the reasons that make me believe that creating public libraries was an inspired idea and all the reasons that I think they are critical to our democracy and our humanity.  So instead, I decided to make a valentine for public libraries…



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