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Looking for Me


Looking for Me is the newest novel from Beth Hoffman, the author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, a fantastic Southern novel with great characters and intricately drawn relationships.

Teddi runs an antique and custom furniture refinishing shop in Charleston, having left her home in Kentucky after graduating from high school to pursue her dream, leaving behind her solid, hardworking, war-veteran father, her perpetually disappointed and angry mother, and her brother, Josh.  Josh is her companion, her confidante, and she is his big sister, his protector and friend.  Josh is unusual, quiet, and thoughtful, with a strong connection to nature.  When Josh disappears one Thanksgiving, Teddi spends years believing that he is still alive somewhere.  After her parents pass away Teddi is forced to go back home and face the realities of her family.

The characters, their interactions, and the souls of their relationships are what made this such a special story.  Teddi’s relationships and interactions were real and written gracefully, always seeming believable and familiar.  If you are looking for a mystery, a good Southern whodunit, this isn’t it, but I encourage you to give it a try.  The story is not about what happened to Josh, and how it happened.  It is a story about relationships, family, love, friendship, forgiveness, acceptance, and happiness.

Title:  Looking for Me
Author: Beth Hoffman
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 368
Publication: Pamela Dorman Books, May 2013


3 thoughts on “Looking for Me

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    • I love your characters – so fresh and real – I particularly loved the relationships that Teddi had with her parents and her discovery that they were real people with their own set of hopes and disappointments. Well done! I can’t wait for the next one… 🙂


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