The latest mystery from Scott Turow follows two identical twin brothers.  Paul is a rising political superstar, running for mayor, and Cass is finally leaving prison after being convicted of killing his girlfriend Athena twenty-five years ago.  The victim’s brother, Hal, is convinced that Paul was somehow involved in the murder and enlists the head of security at his company, ex-FBI agent Evon, and an ex-cop turned PI he has on retainer, Tim, to prove it.  They follow a twisted and complicated web of DNA samples, blood samples, and fingerprints in their quest to find the truth.  But will they?  Are the brothers covering up something?  And if so, what?  Who really killed Athena?  And why?

It was fun trying to figure out who was who and who was doing what and to trace the trail of DNA, blood, and fingerprint evidence.  But…  The trips back into everyone’s past were a little tiresome, and some of them unnecessary for the story arc.  And…  I didn’t love the ending.  I was OK with the resolution of Athena’s killer, but the story of the twins just went too far for me, exceeding all common sense or reality.  So, fun, but not great.  A little disappointing from an author whose previous works I have really enjoyed.

Title:  Identical
Author:  Scott Turow
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 384
Publication: Grand Central Publishing, October 2013