Animated Animals

So this weekend I spent much of my time preparing for a presentation that I had forgotten that I needed to give tomorrow….  Ooops…  Luckily, I had actually done a bunch of research back in November before I tossed my notes in my bag and forgot about them.  Given that I didn’t actually have any time to read books or write blog posts while I was working on this, I thought I’d just go ahead and share what I had been doing!

The presentation is for a group that I belong to called The Columbian Club, a local group of women that focuses on intellectual pursuits while throwing in a bit of socializing!  Each year has a theme, this year’s being Creatures Great and Small, and every two weeks one of the members hosts a get together where another member makes a presentation on some aspect of the annual theme.  I got assigned Animals in Animation, which was great since I am a bit of a Disney junkie!  What I created was a movie presentation, so I’m going to have to point you over to YouTube for the actual presentation.  I hope you enjoy!