screwedI love Eoin Colfer’s writing.  His Artemis Fowl series about a twelve-year old evil genius and the fairy world was a favorite in my family – unique, funny, adventurous.  His Daniel McEvoy series is definitely different, but no less compelling and enjoyable.

Screwed is the second in the series, following Unplugged, and the down-on-his-luck Irish bouncer McEvoy is now the owner of his own casino (along with his partner Jason) in New Jersey.  Surrounded by a cast of less-than-helpful friends – the ethically-challenged cosmetic surgeon Zeb, the beautiful yet delusional girlfriend Sophia, the hippy psychiatrist tweeting his advice from Ireland, his drunken aunt, and the angry Lieutenant Ronelle – McEvoy goes through more crises over the course of a couple of days than seems humanly possible.  Irish mob boss Mike Madden tells McEvoy to deliver a package to the young mobster Shea – throw in dirty cops Krieger and Fortz, his young step-grandmother Edit, Shea’s goon Freckles, and a host of other unsavory characters and things go horribly awry with twists and turns until the very end.

Screwed is gritty, violent, raunchy – some of the scenes and language is not for the faint-of-heart.  But it is fun and original, fast-paced and entertaining, true storytelling.

Title:  Screwed
Author: Eoin Colfer
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 322
Publication: Overlook, May 2013