Ninja Librarian Recon Team

recon wide

This week’s assignment for the Ninja Librarians Recon Team?  In the book, Dorrie and Marcus accidentally bring along Moe, a mongoose, on their adventure (Well, okay, more like they follow him to the mysterious room).  What animal would you take with you if you were going on an adventure?

dogsI would cheat and take two!  My dogs, Nala (a German Shepherd) and Hugo (a Pug).  Because although they are both extremely loyal, great sniffers, and wonderful company, they are also both very different.  Nala is my protector.  I have full confidence that under any situation she would protect me at all costs.  She’s also my working dog, one that will lead the way, find what is lost, and work tirelessly for me.  Hugo on the other hand…  Well, Hugo makes me laugh.  And when on an adventure, faced with danger and frustration, we all need someone who can make us laugh!

What animal would you take with you on an adventure?

Oh!  And exciting news!  The Ninja Librarian website is up and running! You can access it here:  In addition to a trailer, the webpage contains fantastic downloadables for Ninja Librarian fans, such as an Educator Guide, Mission Activity Kit, and a special Guide to Petrarch’s Library!  Check it out!