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2014 Reading Challenges

Well, my reading challenges in 2013 were not all successes.  You think that would cause me to be less aggressive in my challenges for 2014, but with the beginning of the new year I am focused and hopefully optimistic so I’ve taken on even more challenges!  As I work through these challenges I will post my thoughts on my blog and will also include the list of books on this page.  Do you have any reading goals for this year?


TBR Pile

The goal is to read as many books on your shelf as possible, those books that you haven’t started but that you had when 2014 started.  Since there are tons of books on my to-read pile that I’ve had for ages, this seemed like a good incentive to get me working my way through them!  I totally failed at this last year, but 2014 is going to be the year that I make it happen!  I hope…

I am choosing to participate at the Friendly Hug level, meaning that I am going to try to read 11-20 books that are sitting on my shelves right now!


The Classics

The challenge is to read classics (must have been published prior to 1980) this year.  There are no levels, and I only read 2 out of the 3 that I signed up for last year, but I am signing up to read 3 – they will probably mostly be rereads of great books that I read in high school or college that I have always wanted to read again.  It will be interesting to see what some “maturity” (ok – aging) will do to my perspectives.



The goal is to read more non-fiction books.  I really enjoyed reading more non-fiction in 2013, so I’m looking forward to continuing to explore this genre.  I am signing up for the Explorer level, with the goal of reading 6-10 non-fiction books.


Cruisin’ Through the Cozies

I love cozy mysteries, they are a quick read and a great escape, a way to break up more intense reading efforts, and there are tons of fun series out there.  I am signing up for the Super Sleuth level and will try to read 13-20 books for this challenge.

chunkster challenge


Chunksters are adult or young adult books that are over 450 pages in length.  I do read a lot of long books, but I honestly haven’t kept track of how long they are.  I’m going to make a goal of reading 10 chunksters this year and we’ll see how it goes…



What’s in a Name?

This challenge is a lot of fun, and one that I was able to complete last year.  The goal is to read a book that has the following in its title (for a total of books):

  1. Reference to Time
  2. Position of Royalty
  3. A Number Written in Letters
  4. Forename (or names)
  5. Type or Element of Weather  (not yet reviewed)

i love library booksLibrary Books Reading Challenge 

OK, so I signed up for this one because it will be pretty easy for me considering that I work in a library and most of what I read comes from the library.  The goal is to read books from your local library.  I am signing up for the Just Insert IV level with the goal of reading 50 books from the library.  I might have to add books to the list that I have read but not reviewed, but I am going to see if I can make it with just those I review…


100 books in a year

100 Books in a Year

The challenge is to read 100 fiction books in a year – any genre and any format.  While I might not get a chance to blog about them all, and may just need to link to my Shelfari and Goodreads profiles to show the overall total, I do think this is a goal I can exceed.  I didn’t start tracking until mid-February in 2013 and managed to read 182 books last year, so as long as I don’t get sidetracked I should be fine!

how many

You Read How Many Books?

How many books can I read in a year – any genre and any format?  I am signing up for Level 3 with the goal of reading over 200 books in 2014.  While I might not get a chance to blog about them all, and may just need to link to my Shelfari and Goodreads profiles to show the overall total, I’m hoping this is a goal that I can meet.  The fact that I’ve started listening to audio books for those quiet times when I can’t focus on a physical book should help!


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