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How the Light Gets In

light gets in

Fantastic!  Amazing!  Wonderful!  I gasped, I held my breath, I hoped, and I despaired.  I have been waiting for this book for a year, ever since I cried and gasped at the end of A Beautiful Mystery and it did not disappoint for a moment.  If you are a fan of wonderful literature, in-depth amazing characters that you want to know (and feel that you DO know), and well-developed mysteries, I encourage you to start the Chief Inspector Gamache series as soon as possible!  I read a lot of mysteries, some better than others, but few fall into this category of excellence.  Even if you don’t typically read mysteries, give this series a chance.  The mysteries are secondary to the wonderful characters and their relationships.

There is little that I can, or will, say about the plot.  Gamache is back in Three Pines, investigating the murder of one of the famous Ouellett quintuplets.  But more importantly, he is once again pitted against Chief Superintendent Francoeur, his malignant boss who has gutted his department and stolen his protégé, Jean-Guy, leading him back into a world of drug-dependence.    Ultimately, things will come to a head, putting Gamache, his friends, Jean-Guy, and Three Pines itself in danger of decimation.  Heartbreaking and inspiring, Penny artfully balances good and evil, despair and hope.

Title:  How the Light Gets In
Author:  Louise Penny
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 416
Publication: Minotaur Books, August 2013


2 thoughts on “How the Light Gets In

  1. I’m #2 on the waiting list at my library! A friend recommended this series to me and boy, am I grateful to her. You’re right about how good it is. And my friend also snatched A Beautiful Mystery out of my hands and INSISTED that I start at the beginning of the series. I am really glad I did!


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