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Sweet Tea Revenge

sweet teaI wasn’t going to write about this book, it was a quick read – one in a series of light cozy mysteries that I like to read.  But it’s almost the end of March, almost Easter, and here in Central New York it’s still snowing, a lot these past couple of weeks.  So what better to read about and think about than a quirky tea shop in Charleston, South Carolina where the days and nights are hot!

This series is just for fun – the stories are light, quick to read, quirky characters and typical cozy mystery storylines.  The series follows Theodesia who owns a tea shop in Charleston and seems to have a knack for stumbling on dead bodies and getting embroiled in solving the mysteries of their deaths.  She is aided by the stodgy and proper Drayton (her tea master), the young and quirky Haley (her chef/baker), while running up against the gruff Detective Tidwell.

The setting is beautifully described, as is the food prepared each day for the tea shop, and both make me want to head to Charleston simply for tea.  I want to put on a fancy dress and a big hat, wander through the quaint shops in Charleston, and have some afternoon tea.  Then I want to change into my jeans and t-shirt and spend the afternoon wandering through the back roads and along the coast, finding a decrepit mansion to explore, sitting on the docks, or wandering through an old cemetery.  The book includes recipes in the back and someday I am actually going to make myself some scones and Devonshire cream and a pot of tea (now if I only had a veranda and a hot day I would be all set!).

This particular book was not my favorite in the series.  It seems that the characters are getting in a bit of a rut and Theodesia’s new love interest seemed to have no real role or personality.  I didn’t predict the ending, but it wasn’t really surprising either.  Hopefully future books will bring some surprises and growth into the series.

Title: Sweet Tea Revenge
Author: Laura Childs
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 336
Publication: Berkley, March 2013


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